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ZVD-7202 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F 'Phantom Killer' Soviet Jet Fighter model kit

Zvezda ZVD-7202 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F 'Phantom Killer' Soviet Jet Fighter model kit
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ZVD-7202 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F 'Phantom Killer' Soviet Jet Fighter model kit

The aircraft is development of MiG-21PF. The fin is wider, the drag chute container under the airframe is removed and is fitted in the fin base in a bubbled fairing. The drag chute can be launched in the air, just before touch down. The canopy is changed. The ejection seat KM-1 is new, it has a solid fueled booster and enables ejection at 0 altitude at speed of 155 km/h. The locking of the seat to the canopy is removed. MiG-21PFM has three-pieced fixed wingshied, the cover is separated and is to be opened round on the starboard. This is because the capsule of canopy cover and seat needs some time to open and because of that at low altitude ejections there were some accidents. The most significan new is the system, blowing the boundary layer off the flaps, using compressed air from the engine at landing. This system reduces the landing speed from 330 to 280 km/h, what is very important.
Technical data:

Wingspan: 7.15 m
Length: 13.58 m
Height: 4.12 m
Empty Weight: 4,980 kg
Operational Weight: 7,750-9,080 kg
Maximum Speed: 2,175 kph
Service Ceiling: 19,000 m
Range: 1,370-1,680 km
Powerplant: R-11F2S-300 of 3,900 (6,175 with afterburner) kg thrust
Armament (fixed): none
Armament (disposable): R-3S, RS-2US air to air missiles, 1000 kg of bombs, rocket launchers carried on two hardpoints under the wings, 490 l fuel drop tank or nuclear bomb, or GP-9 gun container with GSh-23 23 mm cannon on the underfuselage point