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VRT-200201 Vertolet N1 2002 magazine

Vertolet VRT-200201 Vertolet N1 2002 magazine
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Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.1
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.1

Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.2
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.2

Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.3
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.3

Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.4
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.4

Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.5
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.5

Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.6
Vertolet Vertolet N1 2002 magazine. Pic.6

VRT-200201 Vertolet N1 2002 magazine

The journal opens by EVENT heading which contains the article "The 5th Forum of Russian Helicopter Society" (by A. Khlebni-kov, p. 4). The Forum took place in Moscow in February, 2002. The paper acquaints readers with the main problems discussed at the opening meeting as well as with the most interesting reports presented at the sessions.
SAFETY heading always attracts our readers' attention. The problem to discuss is helicopter operations on logging. This kirrd of operation is very complicated for pilots, as well as for helicopter construction. How to make the use of ro-torcraft safer? The authors (Sh. Suleimanov and N. Osipov) try to give the answer to this question (p. 10).
Three articles are presented in OPERATION heading. The first one is about the operation of Ka-50 attack helicopters in Chechnya. It was the first but very successful experience of the Ka-50 using in real combat operations which confirme^the rotorcraft performances and showed that the helicopter is ready to start its 'career' in the Russian army (p. 20).
The next paper was written by A. Ivanov, a specialist of Kazan Helicopters JSC. He tells about the operation of the helicopters (produced by Kazan helicopter plant) in Vietnam (p. 22).
The article "Tyumen-aviatrans starts off to the future" is a brief story about one of Russia's leading aviation companies. In 2000 "Ty-umenaviatrans" was given the title of the most developed company of the year. Its activities include transport, mounting, exploring, search and rescuer operations. This year the company celebrates its 35th anniversary (p. 25).
Two articles in JUBILEE heading are devoted to the important events in the life of the "Klimov" and "Krasny Octiabr" companies. The "Klimov" company celebrates the 110th jubilee of its founder, a famous Russia engines' designer Vladimir Klimov. His life can be considered as a high point of the history of Russian aviation engines' design. Domestic engine's building can be proud of him. At "Engine-2002" exhibition the Klimov company presents an exposition devoted to Vladimir Klimov. It is the historical part of the firm exposition where modern and advanced engines will be presented (p. 47). In 2002 the "Krasny Oktiabr" company celebrates a nonofficial date. Fifty years ago the company started its cooperation with domestic helicopter-building. We can say that all history of Russian helicopter production is linked with this plant. All helicopters of "Mi" and "Ka" types are equipped with the aggregates produced by "Krasny Oktiabr" (p. 28).
OPINION section presents Gennady Degtiarev, Rector of Kazan State Technical University. He tells about the history and present day of the University which celibates its 70th anniversary. Today KSTU is one of the biggest institutes of our country and it contains in total 8 departments. The university's staff includes 3000 professors and lecturers. A lot of great scientists such as S. Korolev, V. Glush-ko, N. Chetaev, G, Zhiritsky worked at the university and contributed a great deal to its glory. Mister G. Degtiarev tells about university's plans for future (p. 29).
The article "The profession we need" (by S. Mikhilov) is also devoted to the Kazan State Technical University jubilee (SCHOOL section). The report's subject is the helicopter-building department which was opened in KZTU in 1985. The university top managers made a decision to train helicopter designers, specialists in the field of aerodynamics, structural mechanics of rotorcraft to meet the needs of serial plants which produce helicopters. The principles of training possess' managing are new and perspective. Now the helicopter-building department is one of the most popular in the KZTU (p. 32)
Our LIBRARY becomes bigger. We put two next books on a shelf. The first one is about Konotop aviation repair plant. It is a story of the plant which celebrated its 70th jubilee in 2001 (the book is written by E. Litvinov and L. Melnik). The second book is devoted to the great Russian designer Georgy Botesat. The book's author, V. Mikheev, is the well-known specialist in the field of domestic helicopter-building history (p. 35).
TESTING heading continues the theme started in SCHOOL section. S. Bastrakov writes about Structural Testing Laboratory which provides research works both for Kazah State Technical University and aircraft and helicopter plants. The structure of the most aircraft and helicopters designed in the USSR (then in Russia) was tested in this laboratory (p. 36).
"Records in the helicopter's history" is the article put in HISTORY section. Helicopter's records present a very interesting page of helicopter history. First of all, they are to confirm helicopter performance characteristics and to define a potential of its structure. So, records are the form of helicopter's development. However, they are also the examples of human heroism and people's devotion to their business. The paper was written by E. Ruzhitsky (p. 38).
The next report in the section is devoted to the development of G-3 and G-4 helicopters ("The helicopter-spotter" written by V. Mikheev, p. 42). These two helicopters were designed in the middle of 40th. It was the period when the basis of domestic helicopter-building was created.
We decided to turn back to the tradition of highlight dates publishing. This tradition was interrupted for while and now we propose our version of helicopter CALENDAR. This issue presents the highlight dates of January, February and March (p.48).
50 pages, 100 photos