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UMD-321 1/72 AS-2 Soviet WW2 Airfield Starter model kit

UM UMD-321 1/72 AS-2 Soviet WW2  Airfield Starter model kit
Price 19.90
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UMD-321 1/72 AS-2 Soviet WW2 Airfield Starter model kit

Airfield starter trucks had an adjustable extension either off the driveshaft or connected to a separate starter motor that would attach to the front of the spinner of an aircraft. The truck would then provide the initial cranking power to start up the propeller aircraft. This proved especially useful in wintertime, but many countries, including Russia, used the concept year-round. The AS-2 Airfield Starter Truck began as a GAZ-AAA truck, but had its bed shifted back to make room for the new starter motor. A superstructure was welded in place to allow a person to climb out above the cab and make sure the starter was properly engaged with the propeller. Once the propeller caught, the truck simply drove straight back, disengaging the starter device. Through this method one truck could start up several aircraft in a short period of time. The advent of the jet engine eliminated the need for this type of vehicle, and it saw little use after the Second World War. This Airfield Starter could be a real asset in a Russian airfield diorama.