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STA-018 1/288 Vulcan heavy carrier rocket model kit

Start STA-018 1/288 Vulcan heavy carrier rocket model kit
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STA-018 1/288 Vulcan heavy carrier rocket model kit

Start 1/288 Vulcan heavy carrier rocket model kit. Pic.1
Start 1/288 Vulcan heavy carrier rocket model kit. Pic.1

The universal space rocket system with super-heavy class carrier "Energia" created in the USSR between 1976-1987 became a huge step for Soviet science and technology on the way of development of the new means for space research.
The Soviet space program presumed development of the whole range of unified heavy and super-heavy rocket-carriers on the basis of "Energia" carrier, which depending upon the configuration of the side blocks and the modification of the central block would have allowed to deliver to the Earth's and geostationary orbits a wide array of objects of varied weight.
The most powerful of the range would have been the unique rocket-carrier "Vulkan", which consisted of eight side blocks of the first stage and a lengthened central block of "Energia" rocket. The super-heavy carrier like this, with the starting weight around 4500 t., would be capable to deliver to orbit an artificial satellite of up to 200 t. This would have allowed humanity to resolve the issues of most efficient and rational problems in the areas of communication, broadcasting and environment on the basis of heavy space platforms as well as to assist in research of the Moon, Mars and other areas of Solar System.
The development of rocket-carrier "Vulcan" and the refurbishment of the "Energia" launch pad for its launches had been in progress in 1990-1993. As a result, a large amount of project documentation was created, but later on the work on this project was cancelled (but not due to any technical reasons).
The kit represents a scale model of the rocket-carrier "Vulkan". The model is intended for children from 7 to 14 years old and for those interested in scale modeling.
The kit's parts are distributed on the polystyroll sprues.
Read the instruction carefully before assembly, check the presence of all the parts, and plan the stages of the construction. Remove the parts from the sprues with the knife or scissors, and process the sharp edges with a sharp blade or sanding paper.
While assembling refer to the numbers of parts given in the inventory of parts and on the picture of the sprues.
Glue only with the glue for plastics. The stages of the assembly are shown in the diagrams 1-4. Glue and paint are not included. You can alter the parts to fit into its places, if needed.