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SKF-220 1/72 OT-133 Soviet WW2 flame-throwing tank model kit

Skif SKF-220 1/72 OT-133 Soviet WW2 flame-throwing tank model kit
Price 43.70
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SKF-220 1/72 OT-133 Soviet WW2 flame-throwing tank model kit

Photoetched parts included, decal, high quality. Unique subject.

The OT-133 flame-throwing tank was developed in the USSR In 1939. It was a result of further updating of the OT-131 and OT-132 flame-throwing tanks which were created on the basis of the T-26 tank (with a conic turret), the version of 1937-1939. Tank was armed with a flame-thrower, the version of 1938, and had one or two 7.62mm MG.
Besides its ordinary characteristics the flame-thrower when using a Compressor had an ability to eject fuel mixture up to 100 meters. Later on these tanks were equipped with additional armoured shields ( OT-133E). Many of these tanks were captured by Finland in 1940 and Germany in 1941-1942 because they were too vulnerable to armour-piercing artillery. There were manufactured a few hander's tanks of such a type between 1939 and 1940.
The main characteristics
Combat weight, kg - 10280
Crew, pers - 3
flame-thrower - KC-25
coaxial MG, mm - 2x7.62
power engine, hp - 90
Maximum speed, km/h - 30
Radius of action (on roads), km - 170