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PST-72048 1/72 PMZ-2 (ZiS-42) Fire Engine model kit

PST PST-72048 1/72 PMZ-2 (ZiS-42) Fire Engine model kit
Price 25.90
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PST-72048 1/72 PMZ-2 (ZiS-42) Fire Engine model kit

PST 1/72 PMZ-2 (ZiS-42) Fire Engine model kit. Pic.1
PST 1/72 PMZ-2 (ZiS-42) Fire Engine model kit. Pic.1

The production of PMZ-2 fire-trucks was initiated in the Soviet Union before the Second World War. The fire-fighting units of the Red Army Air Forces, large military garrisons and storage facilities as well as city fire departments were equipped with them. Attached equipment of the PMZ-2 could be installed on different types of trucks. At first it was installed only on ZIS-5 chassis. Later a small batch of PMZ-2 was built based on ZIS-6. During the war years ZIS-6 trucks were discontinued and the production of ZIS-5 was reduced. Therefore at the end of the war (1944-1945) firefighting equipment of PMZ-2 was installed on the chassis of a ZIS-42 half-track and US-6 Studebaker truck. PMZ-2 fire trucks served in the Soviet firefighting units for almost twenty years and were phased out by the mid-fifties of the twentieth century.

Main charakteristics of the PMZ-2
Water tank volume - 1500 liters
Water pressure head - 80 m/water
Volumetric flow - 1200 liters/min
Maximum height of suction -7m
Crew including a driver - 6