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PST-72028 1/72 Truck ZiS-5 and 37-mm AA Gun model kit

PST PST-72028 1/72 Truck ZiS-5 and 37-mm AA Gun model kit
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PST-72028 1/72 Truck ZiS-5 and 37-mm AA Gun model kit

PST 1/72 Truck ZiS-5 and 37-mm AA Gun model kit. Pic.1
PST 1/72 Truck ZiS-5 and 37-mm AA Gun model kit. Pic.1

61-KM Gun
The antiaircraft gun 37-mm was accepted on the arms of the Red Army 1939 and has received an index "61-K". To the beginning of the Great Patriotic there were totally 1258 units of the gun "61-K" in the Red Army. During the Great Patriotic War this gun was the most mass antiaircraft gun in the Red Army and was widely applied on all fronts. In total it was made more than 17000 units of the "61-K" antiaircraft guns.
ZiS-5 Truck
In the summer 1928 the Soviet governmental commission has signed the contract with the American firm about rendering of the technical help in organization of quantity production of lorries in the USSR. As a basis the truck Autocar model CA by carrying capacity of 2.5 tons, as the most successful design of the American machine of this class was elected.
In 1930 at the Moscow plant AMO assembling assembly of auto trucks began from the American units of Autocar which have given an index AMO-2.
At the end of 1931 reconstruction of factory AMO and all details for auto trucks was completed began to be made in the USSR. To these auto trucks the index AMO-3 was given. On a design they did not differ almost from auto trucks AMO-2 and Autocar CA. Operating experience of cars AMO-2 and AMO-3 on bad roads and in hands of unskilled drivers and mechanics has shown their iow reliability for conditions of Soviet Union.
In this connection in 1931-32years have carried out reconstruction of weak places AMO-3. ? result the design of the simple, durable and unpretentious car in operation to which have given an index ZiS-5 was created.
Release of cars ZiS-5 began from 1933. With 1933 on 1941 ZiS-5 was the basic three-ton lorry in the USSR. To the beginning of Great Patriotic war (on 22.06.1941) in Red Army was 104 200 automobiles ZiS-5 it was actively applied on all fronts of Great Patriotic war as the tractor of easy artillery pieces, to transportation of cargoes and armies (in a body on five benches it was placed 25 soldiers).
Among the three-ton auto trucks of a class "4?2" used in Red Army within war (including the machines received on Lend-lease and trophy) ZiS-5 were allocated with a practical, unpretentious and reliable design at rather heavy weather conditions, bad roads, supply by poor-quality operational materials, low opportunities of repair. It were real "working horses" of wars.
Manufacture of car ZiS-5 and its updatings proceeded till 1965. In total it was builded about a million cars.