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PLN-200004 Polygon N4 2000 magazine

Polygon PLN-200004 Polygon N4 2000 magazine
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Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.1
Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.1

Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.2
Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.2

Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.3
Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.3

Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.4
Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.4

Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.5
Polygon Polygon N4 2000 magazine. Pic.5

PLN-200004 Polygon N4 2000 magazine

Articles overview
Soviet sappers at the Afgan War
Province Kunar. Kishlak Barikott. These names are more often than others were repeated in the military reports of the Afghani army. By not capturing Barikott in fight, dushmans have decided to surround this small boundary settlement and mined all roads. Siege was for a long time. The garrison had a large losses and could receive reinforcements only from air. Headquarter has decided to direct here large reinforcements and to help of the advocates of Barikott. And then the Afghani army ask the help by the Soviet sappers. In the article is told about activity of 45-th sapper subdivision and its chief of headquarters V.Khramtsov.
German Tankette-Torpedo
The engineer - captain P.Bessonov ( article from a magazine " the Bulletin of a tank industry, 1943")
In the Summer of 1943 German troops have applied a tankette-torpedo "Goliagh". This of self-propelled torpedo with a tracks was intended for struggle against the Soviet tanks. It represents by herself of the small sizes tan-kette, presented in motion of electrical energy from storage batteries.
In the article describe the devices of captured tankette, and also it the prospective electrical circuit and tactical - characteristics is described.
Soviet "Hetzers"
Each fan of tanks, by hearing a name "Hetzer" will understand about whom there is a speech. Similar to a coffin armed with high-power 75-mm gun. it was one from the most successful battle vehicle of Third Reich. But it is not known, that Soviet engineers design a similar products and they have begun even earlier, than in fascist Germany. The article describes about designing a small antitank self-propelled guns in USSR in 1942-46 rr.
(two episodes of the helicopter development in the USSR)
In the fall of 1937 the French Breguet company made some negotiation with the Soviet Union truying to sell their G-10 "Giroplane" helicopter. For a number of reasons this hed never hap-pend, but the G-10 design documentation was studied by many Russian specialists lead by I.Bratukhin. In the beginning of 1940-s Bratukhin developed a number of transverse layout helicopters resulting in developing of B-10 and B-11 helicopters for the Army. The article tells the story of the B-10.
"Brawny" From The Yaroslavl
In the beginning ot WW2 Soviet troops had no many artillery tractors, and Soviet artillery was not mobile.Within war the Soviet army required such tractors, but their devices should be very simplis and reliable.
In the article it is told about a history of creation and army trials of tracks artillery tractor of Ya-12, created within war on the Yaroslavl Automobile Factory (51A3). The article is accompanied photocopy of the factory drawings 91-12 and photos from trials.
Our Tanks Are Fast!
Final story of AMTORG
Final part of the article about activity of AMTORG, devoted to purchases from USA tanks, armaments, automobiles and many other products, and also about questions of economic espionage of this organization in USA.
The Famous "Three-Inch"
In this year is 100 years from time of acceptance on arms and first battle action of famous Russian 3-inch - 76,2-mm gun were executed. 1900. A word "three-inch" at us understand not only gun mod. 1900, and mod. 1902 (actually was by steep modernizing mod. 1900), and the gun has received the name " 76-mm. 1902/30 ". These three guns were in serial production 36 years and consisted on service about 50 years, by introducing the worthy contribution to all wars, which were carried on by(with) Russia with 1900 on 1945 rr. In the article it is told about a history of creation and battle service of this gun prior to the beginning the second World war.
The German T-III (Pzkpfw III) Medium Tank
The original WWII document.
The text of the manual on maintenance of the German tank PzKpfw III is adduced literally in case of its capture in fights with German Enemyes. The manual is illustrated by photos of German tanks PzKpfw III on a service in Russian troops.

1. The engineering unit 45 ISP during the Kounar operation, 1985
2. The tank destroyer NATI forced by 57-mm anti-tank cannon C-1-57
3. The tank destroyer GAZ-76D (Sy-80) on the performance test
4. The multipurpose helicopter of communications (B-11). Side view
5. Ya-12.The monument near the Yaroslavl machinery works (YaMZ)