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PLN-200003 Polygon N3 2000 magazine

Polygon PLN-200003 Polygon N3 2000 magazine
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Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.1
Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.1

Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.2
Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.2

Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.3
Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.3

Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.4
Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.4

Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.5
Polygon Polygon N3 2000 magazine. Pic.5

PLN-200003 Polygon N3 2000 magazine

Articles overview
Beginning of war in Poland. September, 1939
The agony of the Poland. September 1939
By Andrey Mayorov
The article describes the beginning of the WW II. Strategic plans of both sides and the actual campaign in September 1939 are described. 10 pages, 20 photographs some of which are published for the first time.
History of the tank Polish Vickers
The short technical description of the Polish 7TP tank.
The article is based on the archive document - the Technical Report on the Polish 7 TP Tank captured by the Red Army in 1939. 6 pages, 9 photographs, 4 scetches from the Technical Report made in autumn 1939 at Kubinka proving ground.
BI the rocket fighter
By Michael Maslov
The history of design and development of the first combat jet (rocket) aircraft in the USSR. Having made its maiden flight on 15 May 1942, the Bl rocket interceptor was never put into serial production though a seven prototypes were built and flown. 15-page article is illustrated with 31 photographs, most of which were never published before, as well as 1/72 scale plans and cutaway drawings.
The German Mobile Mg Pill-Box
By F.Radtsig
The real document issued by the Red Army Engineering Department in 1943 is reproduced. It describes the German mobile pill-box. 3 pages, 5 photographs, general arrangement and cutaway drawings. Also the set of 1/35 scale plans made in 1996 is provided. The plans are based on the actual measurements of the pill-box found in Smolensk area.
Airplanes Come First!
By Michael Mukhin
The second part of M. Mukhin's article tells the story of pre-war purchases of the modern American aircraft and other aviation hardware for the USSR. The six-page article is illustrated with 7 photographs and contains a lot of information recently found in Russian archives.
The Life Of The Viper. The story of the F-22 divisional gun
By Michael Svirin
The articles describes the development of the F-22 mod. 1936 AT gun as well as its service both with the Red Army and Wehrmacht. The article is illustrated with 8 photographs, a drawing from the F-22 service manual and three tables.
The Artillery Munitions terms and classification
By Ivan Lisitsyn
The article is intended to introduce the military historian into the field of terms and classification of the artillery ordnance adopted in the Army. The material is illustrated with 5 photographs and 19 drawings.
The different kind of 76-mm WW II ordnance
By Michael Svirin
Most of military history enthusiasts in Russia used to think that the same types of ordnance were used for all Soviet WW II 76-mm artillery systems. It is not so, and in this article the author describes different king of Soviet WW II 76-mm artillery munitions that were used in Soviet Army operations.

1. The Bi-5 in spring 1945 while testing in glider configuration
2. The captured F-22 gun under tests in Finland. Summer 1940
3. The gun mantlet and the armament of the 7TP tank
4. Schemes aircraft Bi-1
5. The Bi-6 instrument panel