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OTH-594 Tupolev Tu-16 Badger Strategic Bomber and Missile Carrier Aircraft Story hardcover book

Other Publishers OTH-594 Tupolev Tu-16 Badger Strategic Bomber and Missile Carrier Aircraft Story hardcover book
Price 49.90
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OTH-594 Tupolev Tu-16 Badger Strategic Bomber and Missile Carrier Aircraft Story hardcover book

Hardcover. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. EKSMO Publ. Text in Russian. 192 pages, format 205 x 260 mm, lots of photos and pictures.

This famous plane, created as a carrier of nuclear weapons, is called "legend", "breakthrough" and "a triumph of the Soviet aviation industry" absolutely by rights.
Jet missile, bomber, jammer, strategic and sea scout is a versatile and reliable Tupolev Tu-16 was ahead of its time and it signalled a revolution in Aviation.
Just five years before A. N. Tupolev had to copy the American "Flying Fortress", and then, in full conformity with the Stalinist slogan "Russia makes itself", he created innovative masterpiece surpassing all the potential enemy bombers and became one of the most long-lived aircraft in history.
Launched into production by the order signed by Stalin, Tu-16 remained in service until the last days of the USSR, and its Chinese version is in service so far, i.e. more than half of century!
This aircraft bombed Yemen and participated in the Arab-Israeli wars (the Israelis initially mentioned only a couple of goals, affected by the Egyptian Tu-16, - one radar and a "field warehouse in Sinai", but over time, through clenched teeth acknowledged significantly more damage from missile strikes of Tu-16 which destroyed a large number of objects, including the control of air traffic in Sharm-al-Sheikh, Command posts at the bases of the Rephidim, the Mind-Khalifa and the base 511 at the Sinai"). Tu-16 conducted a rocket strike on Iran and attacked insurgents in Afghanistan from the famous Panjshir operations against the troops of Ahmad Shah Massoud to devastating attacks on strongholds of the Mujahideen in mountain caves, invulnerable to normal bombs, so had to use the most powerful non-nuclear munitions - 9-ton FAB-9000, which could carry only the indispensable "the old man" Tu-16...
In new book of well known historians of aviation you will find comprehensive information about the establishment, long service and combat application of this legendary aircraft.
Collector's edition illustrated by hundreds of exclusive drawings and photographs.

Table of contents

The choice of target
Statement of the problem
Serial production
About serial numbering of Tu-16
Variants, modifications and improvements
Aircraft for the Navy
Aircraft rescue
The aircraft and the target
Flying laboratory
"Cyclones" and other
Tu-16 abroad