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OMF-3502 1/35 D-8 Soviet armoured pre-WW2 car model kit

Other Model's Firms OMF-3502 1/35 D-8 Soviet armoured pre-WW2 car model kit
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OMF-3502 1/35 D-8 Soviet armoured pre-WW2 car model kit

Other Model's Firms 1/35 D-8 Soviet armoured pre-WW2 car model kit. Pic.1
Other Model's Firms 1/35 D-8 Soviet armoured pre-WW2 car model kit. Pic.1

By the end of 1920's it became clear that the mobile armored machine with machine gun was required for the Red Army needs. It was mainly aimed for the reconnaissance works, communications and military protection. At that time those machines were capable to be built on the base of the standard commercial automobiles with the single driving axle. The choice was made for the chassis of that automobile that was planned to be manufactured due Ford drawings at Nizhniy Novgorod motor works. That passenger car was characterized by a small weight, simplicity, high cross-country ability. That ability was provided by the wheels of rather big diameter (730 mm).
The new car that was marked D-8, had been designed and built under the supervision of N.I.Dyrenkova. He tried to make the machine more light and smaller, and also less noticable, and to provide it by the reliable armored protection. So Dyrenkov refused to use the tradition turret and put the armament inside the heavyset body.
It was consisted of the DT machine gun with the reserve of the cartridges for 2079 items, including 756,0 armor-piercing ones. The machine gun was placed at the right front plate, near the driver, and the same second reserved machine gun was also maintained. The additional weapon emplacement was made for it in the stern part due the suggestion of K.E. Voroshilov. And it were made several embrasures with the armored screens in the side boards for the D-8 crew to make the nearly all-round firing if it's required.
The armored machine body made of the heat treated flat armored plates of different shapes, that are weld between each other, helped to protect the crew and engine from the conventional cartridges and grits.
The armored hood with the tip-up lateral folding doors had got the jalousies in the front. Through them the air was transferred to radiator. During the battle period they were closed, and the air went through the inclined gutter protecting the front axis and crank case.
D-8 was modernized after some time. The rotary turret with DT machine gun at the ball mounting was installed. And in 1932 the new FAI armored machine on the base of D-8 model and on the same chassis (later it was changed for the Russian similar GAZ-A), was built.

D-8 light armored machine
The combat mass - 1,58 tons
The armament - 2x7,62 mm (DT) The crew - 2 people The armor plating - the front and board - 7 mm The armor plating - the stern - 6 mm The armor plating - the roof - 3 mm
The engine - 40 horse powers
The maximum speed - 85.0 km per hour
The cruising range - 225.0 km (on country track - 180.0 km)
Dimensions - 3540x1705x1680 mm
Base - 2629.0 mm