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NOK-200202 Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine

Cosmonautics News NOK-200202 Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine
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Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.1
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.1

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.2
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.2

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.3
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.3

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.4
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.4

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.5
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine. Pic.5

NOK-200202 Cosmonautics News N2 2002 magazine

10 Years of Rosaviakosmos
Yun Koptev remembers the birth of the Russian Space Agency and reviews its current status at the eve of the 10 years jubilee of the Agency.
Piloted Flights
ISS Main Expedition Three Mission Chronicle: December 2001
In the December 3 EVA Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Tyunn removed the obstruction and paved way for Progress docking. After this, launch of Endeavour and change of command onboard ISS occurred.
Unscheduled EVA
Endeavour: The Fourth Main Expedition
Payloads of Endeavour
STS-108 Mission Patch
STS-108 Chronicle
Treatcon Charlie
The ADF Incubator
Commercial Biomedical Experiments Facility
Starshine 2 Satellite
Russia Helds 12.5% Of Crew Duty Time...
U S. and Russia agreed rules for correct accounting for crew experiment time onboard ISS The idea is that the 12 5% Russian science quota imposed since Main Expedition 3 refers only to scheduled activities dunng official work hours. As of Russian spacewalks, only expenment-dnven EVAs are accounted for. ISS Main Expedition Four Mission Chronicle: December 2001
ISS News
FGB-2 To Be Finished
Enterprise To Board Shuttle
The Best Of X-38
ISS-3 Mission Statistics
Developing Plasma Laboratory For ISS
Cosmonauts. Astronauts. Crews
MKS-EP3 Crews Appointed
Yun Gidzenko, Roberta Vitton and Mark Shuttieworth will blast-off on April 22 to exchange rescue Soyuz spacecraft currently docked to ISS. Meanwhile, in December Sergey Zalyotin and Frank DeWinne began their crew training for MKS-EP4 onboard newest Soyuz TMA spacecraft.
Eight Piloted Flights Planned For 2002
Glonass: Two And One Makes Eight
Of three Glonass birds launched December 1, one features uprated power system and five year service life Nevertheless, reports Listing it as Gtonass-M are wrong. First Glonass-M is currently expected to be launched in 2004.
Jason-1 And TIMED To Observe Ocean And Atmosphere
Meteor In Zenith
Meteor-3M #1, a combined meteorology and Earth resource satellite built by Nil EM, may remain the first and only of its kind because no funds are allocated to build any more.
Kosmos 2383 In Flight
Another US-P ocean reconnaissance satellite replaced Kosmos 2367 that probably exploded on November 21, 2001
The Last Launch Of 2001
This try was charm for Gonets-Dl and Strela satellite communications systems after the launch failure a year ago.
Dawn And Kepler Missions Approved
Before and After Odyssey-2
Deep Space 1: Epilog
Great Changes In Power For Small Satellites
Japanese Companies In Projects Of GPKS
Launch Vehicles. Rocket Engines
NASA To Develop New Combined Cycle Engine
News From India
Next RD-180s Delivered
Additional Contracts For SLI
Military Space
Early Warning Satellites Returned To Life
Orbital behavior ofOko satellites indicated they were not controllable several months after the May 10 fire at the Serpukhov-15 control facility. Since the facility was restored in August, only two of four birds maneuvered thus confirming their active status.
Military Results Of 2001
Russian Space Forces Commander Anatoby Perminov pointed out that all planned military space launches in 2001 were executed, for the first time in five years.
New Satellite Navigation Receiver Ready
AeroAstro To Build New Small Satellite For Military
Projects. Plans
Flight Tests Of A Tounst Rocket
Foton At Noordwijk
Conferences. Exhibitions
First Siberian Aerospace Salon
Fellowships Awarded For Ecology And Space
Russian Aviation and Space Agency awarded 12 fellowships to postgraduate students of Russian and Kazakhstan universities to study ecology problems of space operations and protective measures.
Companies. Agencies. Organizations
Russian Space Budget-2002
In 2002, Rosaviakosmos will receive Rouble 13 4 Billion ($425.1 million or 0.69% of Federal Budget) to finance the two civil space programs of Russia, the Federal Space Program and the Glonass Program.
NASA Extended Spacehab Contract
New Company Formed For Development Of Large Spacecraft
NPO EGS formed by RKK Energiya and the Georgian Polytechical Intellect together with Alenia Spazio should present its 12 meters deployable spacecraft antenna to ESA in 2003. 5 and 25 meters antennae for L, C and Ku bands are in plans too.
Sea Launch From Desert?
President James Maser expects that regular Zenit-2 commercial launches from Baykonur will reduce Zemt production costs and benefit the core Sea Launch program in long run.
The Vintay Cosmodrome
OAO Maspmostroitel of Samara, Russia, test fires its RD-107 engines at the city of Vintay, Samara Region.
Jubilee of the Trade Union of General Machine Builders
STS-108 and ISS Crew 4 Biographies
Visit To NK
On December 20, Viktor Afanasyev and Konstantm Kozeyev came to NK to share their impressions from the visiting mission onboard ISS.
74 pages, 135 photos