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NOK-200110 Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine

Cosmonautics News NOK-200110 Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine
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Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.1
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.1

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.2
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.2

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.3
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.3

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.4
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.4

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.5
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine. Pic.5

NOK-200110 Cosmonautics News N10 2001 magazine

Years Since Titov's Flight
Moscow Celebrated the 40th Anniversary of German Titov's Space Mission To Stars!
Piloted Flights
ISS Main Expedition Two
Mission Chronicle: August 2001
The 3rd Main Expedition Came Onboard ISS
Shuttle Cargo
STS-105/7A.1: Mission of Discovery
STS-105 Crew Patch
First European Experiment Onboard ISS
The ISS-3 Program
Progress M-45 Launched
ISS Main Expedition Three
Mission Chronicle
Crew Congratulates
Progress Ml-6 Departed
Progress M-45 Arrived
Russian Segment of ISS Redesigned Again
At the August 28 meeting of the Council of General Designers, decisions were made on the composition of the Russian Segment. Apart from Docking Compartment Pirs, three new facilities, namely Simplified Science-Energy Platform, Simplified Universal Docking Module and the Enterprise Multipurpose Module would join Zarya and Zvezda in future years. The new SEP that lacks pressurized compartment with gyrodines is manifested for STS-122 in April 2004, and four solar panels would be added later. The FGB-2 module is to be converted to Simplified UDM (which would also serve as Commercial Space Module) with launch planned for March 2003. Also, the meeting approved near-term launch schedule for the rest of 2001 and 2002.
Yet Who Controls ISS?
According to Viktor Blagov, Deputy Flight Director of ISS in MCC-M, the Russian Mission Control remains the leader center for ISS control. While both centers receive data from their segments and issue commands to appropriate systems, multi-segment operations are carefully coordinated. And daily work for cosmonauts and astronauts is planned according to their skills and specialization.
Shen Zhou 2: Mission Completed
Cosmonauts. Astronauts. Crews
Leonid Kizim is 60
Vladimir Solovyov, currently Russian ISS Flight Director, remembers two space flights with his commander Leonid Kizim.
Russians Named to ISS, Shuttle and Soyuz Crews
STS-112,113 and 114 Crews Named
Companies. Agencies. Organizations
On the 2002 Budget Draft
Russian Government approved draft budget that earmarked $308 million for civilian space in 2002. If the figure stays in Duma, the Federal Space Program funding in 2002 would almost double.
Energiya Celebrated Its Jubilee
U.S. Early Warning Space Constellation Replenished: DSP F-21 Launched
Genesis: A Quest For Solar Wind
Kosmos 2379 In Flight
Kosmos 2379 launched August 24 is, most probably, a GEO Early Warning bird which will work at 80E. Since 1999, Russia lacked such a satellite.
First Flight of Japanese New Generation Vehicle
Intelsat Received Its 902
Proton Regains Rate
Plesetsk Examined by Russian Space Forces Commander Ground testing and launch of first Molniya 3 K from Plesetsk became an exam the cosmodrome passed with flying colors.
Launch Vehicles. Rocket Engines
Causes ofAriane 5 Failure
New Appointments in Arianespace Pave the Way for Soyuz t Kourou
The Dryden Center Received Another B-52
Vladimir Rachuk on His Company and Voronezh Engines
How We Designed Engines for H-2A
The Chinese Spy Satellite Under Civilian Cover
New Microsatellite for Military Users
New Microsatellites from OHB
TDRS-8 Being Accepted
Germany Develops Space Reconnaisance
Monument to Soyuz to Be Built in Samara
Testing of Space Tug
Projects. Plans
Spacecraft with Solar Sail
The KASP spacecraft is to be launched in the beginning of 2002. Launch vehicle Volna will deliver the spacecraft to suborbital path, and a solid fuel kick stage will fire to achieve the planned 78 deg, 850 kilometer orbit. There the eight-wing solar sail will be deployed, and 63.7 kg satellite will start to maneuver.
Mini Station 1: Space Hotel
The August 24 joint decision by Rosaviakosmos, Energiya and MirCorp grants MirCorp rights to search for investors and customers, while Energiya will draft the project of commercial manned space station. No decision on actual deployment of such 'a station will be made until the participants prove the feasibility of the project without government funding.
Yuri Koptev on Current Problems
Latest Russian proposals on ISS development may restore the projected 7-men capability by 2004, said Yuri Koptev at the August 9 news conference. Chief of Rosaviakosmos also stated that his agency plan to redeem the 4000 hours of crew time sold to NASA earlier with the money paid by space tourists.
Launch Sites
Baykonur Fights Marauders
Since September 2000, four mobile police groups equiped by helicopters and armored vehicles patrol the vast Baykonur steppe preventing thefts of cables by local criminals.
Delta 4: Launch Pad Operations
Fueling Station to Be Restored
Rosaviakosmos and the Khrunichev Center will finance the restoration of 11G141 fueling station at Baykonur Area 91A by 2005.
MAKS to Turn MAS?
Igor Borisov and Timofey Varfolomeyev report from the 5th Moscow Aerospace Salon.
German Journalist on the Moscow Aviasalon - And Not Only on It
Why some Russian space companies could not print their prospects and papers and provide them to newsmen at MAKS-2001 ? This is the question Thorsten Gemsa cannot answer.
To Moon Rocks (30 Years Since Apollo 15, Part 2)
Biographies of STS-104 Crewmembers Robert Everett Stevenson
74 pages, 80 photos