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NOK-200108 Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine

Cosmonautics News NOK-200108 Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine
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Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.1
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.1

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.2
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.2

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.3
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.3

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.4
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.4

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.5
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine. Pic.5

NOK-200108 Cosmonautics News N8 2001 magazine

International Space Station
ISS Main Expedition Two
Chronicle of Joint Mission
First EVA
Called from Orbit
ISS commander Yuri Usachov talked to NK Chief Editor Igor
Marinin on June 19.
Prospects of Russian-German Cooperation on ISS
Advanced Titus furnace proposed for experiments aboard ISS.
ISS News
Cosmonauts. Astronauts. Crews
ISS Expedition Crew 3 Passed Final Exams
On June S-6, crews of Frank Cuibertson and Valeriy Korzun held exams on the Russian segment of ISS and Soyuz TM systems.
The Interagency Commission Summarized Ex-3 Training Ex-3 Crews Met Russian Technical Managers
On June 7, head. Yuri Semenov and other Russian officials met the crews to wish cosmonauts and astronauts bon voyage. The only request from the first crew was to set up Moscow phone line to Mikhail Tyurin's apartment in the city of Korolyov.
Into Space - Paying for Yourself
Thorny Road to Stars
Sergey Bedzyuk, former Energiya employer and cosmonaut aspirant (1978), now a Canadian and CSA instructor on RMS, was interviewed by Aleksandr Zheleznyakov.
Awards to Service Module Builders
Gagarin at the Cosmodrome Baykonur
More than 250 photos covering Yuri Gagarin's visits to Baykonur are included to the new book.
Intelsat of New Series in Orbit
New Astra Adorned in Orbit
First ICO to Achieve Orbit
MAP: A Voyage to the Beginning of Times
Projects. Plans
Crash of the Hypersonic, or Astalavista X-43A!
Following Vanished Programs, or In the Country of Lessons
Launch Vehicles. Rocket Engines
Baykal That Conquered Paris
Baykal flight test program includes three phases: drop tests from VM-T Atlant aircraft; Baykal suborbital test flights from the Angara Launch Complex in Plesetsk; and Angara Al-V (Baykal+Briz-KM) orbital test missions.
Reincarnation of Yamal
Vladimir Chizhukhin, one of the key men behind, the Yamal-Aurora family of launch vehicles, points out that Aurora should be very reliable and cheap enough to reward investments quickly. Investing $560 million, APSC will have 12 billion in just five years, and Aurora development itself will be rewarded in 8-10 launches.
Expendable Launch Vehicles of Near Future
First Engine for Delta 4 Supplied
New Chinese Meteosatellites
Russian-Czech Project EMEC
On May 25, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (Czech Republic) and PO Polyot (Russia) signed contract on design, development and launch of five EMEC (Electromagnetic Monitoring of the European Continent) satellites to measure man-made disturbances in ionosphere.
Ion Engines in Space: Transport Operations
Newest Boeing 702 satellites already use XIPS propulsion in the final stage ofGSO entry, not just for stationkeeping.
The Little SNAP Wasn't Strong Enough
Polyot Develops Small Spacecraft
PO Polyot presents two three-axis unpressurized microsat platforms: Sterkh and Nadezhda. In 2003, first Nadezhda-M spacecraft based on Sterkh should be launched.
Cassini Schedule Changed
Two Ways to Pluto
To the Star Named Sun
Launch Sites
Sriharikota: The Unknown Cosmodrome
Delta 4: Fitting Test to Launch Complex
Baykonur Celebrated Its 46th Anniversary
Chelomey Union Is Established
KB Yuzhnoye Presents
World Space Week to Be Hold in China
Berlin Forum-2001: ISS Is Open for Business
Companies. Agencies. Organizations
State Duma Watches Russian Cosmonautics
On June 13, head of Rosaviakosmos briefed Russian legislators. The good news was that since 1999, budgeted funds are fully received each year. The bad news was that as the 2001 budget is barely a half of what was earmarked in the Federal Space Program, half of approximately 70 space projects managed by Rosaviakosmos was stopped. And only six of 2001 ISS launches are funded. In the 2002 budget process. President Putin requested full sum earmarked in FSP to be given.
On the Execution of the 1999 Budget
New Satellites for Space Forces
2001 is the first year Russian Space Forces are capable to fully pay industry contractors, CINC-RSF Anatoliy Perminov announced. In 2001 and 2002, Space Forces plan to launch new reconnaisance satellites for Russian Navy, and a Glonass launch will be performed this year.
Undeservedly Forgotten: 40 Years Since Alan Shepard's Flight
Baykonur Builders Celebrate Jubilee
The 130th Direction of Special Works was established on Hay 20, 1951, to build test and launch positions for the R-5 ballistic missile. Its next task was to build objects at a new test site, now known as Baykonur.
Yuri Petrovich Sheffer
Konstantin Vasilyevich Gerchik
The Last Voyage of Yantars
The Long Duration Venus Probe Project
Twenty five years ago, IKI and NPO Lavochkina studied the feasibility of a Venus lander capable of working for a month.
74 pages, 120 photos