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NOK-200103 Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine

Cosmonautics News NOK-200103 Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine
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Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.1
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.1

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.2
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.2

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.3
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.3

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.4
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.4

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.5
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine. Pic.5

NOK-200103 Cosmonautics News N3 2001 magazine

International Space Station
ISS-1 mission chronicle
ISS news
How much does the Russian segment cost?
RKK Energiya's estimate for the Russian part development cost is $1.9 billion. The 2001 ISS budget, $97.4 million, is only a half ofneeded sum - but still it is 150% larger than the 2000 funding.
Japanese segment news
Piloted Missions
The second flight of Shenzhou
The Chinese spaceship from a Russian analytic's point of view
Aleksandr Shiyadinskiy analysed known details of Shenzhou design and concluded that its most probable main task is piloted reconnaisance from space.
Shenzhou as a mirror of Chinese astronautics
X-40A flies again yet tethered
Sea Launch: a launch attempt
Space bridge between Europe and Asia
The GPS constellation is kept in great form
Russian launch plans for 2001
Rosaviakosmos plans 21 civilian launches in 2001.
Orbital Complex Mir
Mir station: Unhealthy entry into new century
Generally, engineers aren't superstitious. But now they say Mir seems to resist deorbit operations. Ail attempts in January to use gyrodynesfor Mir attitude control failed, and Mir met Progress M1-5 using engines.
Progress Ml-5, the Mir grave-digger
The beginning of the end
2677 kilograms of fuel delivered by the last Progress will be used to deorbit Mir in March.
Requiem to the unique library
Cosmonauts. Astronauts. Crews
New Russian crews approved
Two ISS Taxi-1 crews and three Mir emergency crews were officially approved in December and January, and Claudie Andre-Deshays started training for ISS Taxi-2 visiting mission.
On cosmonauts
STS-108 crew announced
Mir 29 crews finished training
Most probably, Mir emergency crews will not fly but on January 9-11 the three crews passed exams and proved their readiness to cope with troubles.
Cosmonauts in training in TsPK
Sergey Shamsutdinov reports current breakdown of Russian cosmonauts by programs and training groups (07-29, MKS-3, -40, -5, -50, -6, -7, MKS-T1, -T2, MKS-grI, -gr2 and -gr3).
NASA astronaut team
The word of farewell
Arvid Vladimirovich Pallo, a long-time comrade-in-arms of Sergey Korolyov, died on January 17.
Probes Jupiter remains in focus
NEAR face-to-face with Eros
Stardust flew by Earth
Pioneer 10 lost?
MGS: Interim results
Ekran badly needed!
Ekran-M ff 181. may be launched as soon as March 16 using the first Proton-M launch vehicle.
Artemis changes launch vehicle
First images from Eros A1
NASDA plans
Radar imaging spacecrafts from NPOmash
From Almaz-T to Kondor-E: A brief history of Reutov's radar imaging satellites.
Half-meter images on the market soon
Launch Vehicles. Rocket Engines
The QuickBird failure: Lessons learned
The State accident commission listed three possible versions of the November launch failure, including start of spacecraft activities during the coast phase of flight. Without measuring assets at the point of orbit circulization burn, exact reason of failure may not be understood.
Air Launch: view from the surface
Air Launch development and operations problems as seen by the Plesetsk cosmodrome officials.
Roton cancellation
Students to build rockets for NASA
Year Table-2000
Astronomy. Planetology
SWAS dried out molecular clouds
On the image of Earth magnetosphere-2
The Safety Council
The Safety Council reviewed Russian space activities
Companies. Agencies. Organizations
Federation of Cosmonautics: New president elected
On January 25, Vladimir Kovalyonok was elected new President, Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia. German Titov was President until his death.
Change of rule in JPL
Globalstar made their best for clients
Another LEO company failed to pay debts.
Agency established for second-generation reusable vehicles
Advanced solarcrafts with record efficiency
Launch Sites
Delta IV replaced Saturn 1
The Sea Launch launch complex
Conferences & Exhibitions
Road to Stars

Final session of the 29th 'Cosmos' competition was held in Korolyov in January. More than 200 high school students from 45 cities participated.
The XXV Korolyov conference
This annual space developments and history meeting was devoted to Academician Mstislav Keldysh.
Missile Defense
New Star Wars: Renovated threat
New Star Wars: Yellow-faced red Lord Weider
China to develop flea antisatellite
Powerful rocket engines tester to speak: V.K.Kurbatov is 85
Vladimir Ivanovich Kurbatov, former Deputy Chief Designer of OKB-456, recalls early years with Valentin Glushko.
Our nuclear engines
The idea of piloted Mars expedition gave the life to the Soviet program of nuclear rocket engine development
January 31st
Flights that never happened
Remembering Challenger and the missions that should have followed 51L.
74 pages, 80 photos

1. Station Almaz-1B
2. Launch system Sea Launch
3. Start of the spacecraft Progress M1-5
4. Preparing for start of the spacecraft Progress M1-5
5. X-40A in a hangar