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NOK-200011 Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine

Cosmonautics News NOK-200011 Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine
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Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.1
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.1

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.2
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.2

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.3
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.3

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.4
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.4

Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.5
Cosmonautics News Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine. Pic.5

NOK-200011 Cosmonautics News N11 2000 magazine

Remembering German Titov
Piloted Missions
STS-106: 'And everything we dreamed that they could do'Atlantis astronauts docked to ISS, unloaded Progress Ml-3, and prepared the outpost for the first resident crew
STS-106 news conference
Russian newsmen were left without translation during traditional news conference, so Malenchenko and Horukov acted as onboard translators. Yet design features of Mir and SM, problems of language barrier, prospects of space tourism and other topics were discussed Florida. September. STS-106 launch
Vladimir Semyonov reports from Kennedy Space Center were he has been special guest this time. But in U.S., every taxpayer may visit cosmodrome to eyewitness shuttle launch
STS-106 statistics
NASA named four shuttle crews
International Space Station
ISS manifest, Ver. 6.0
Service Module is in orbit at last, but now launches of U.S. and Japanese components are delayed by several months
Flight of ISS
Russian Mission Control Center bears the main burden in daily ISS control. Our authors report main events in August and September
ISS news
Node X to become ISS propulsion module
Zi Yuan 2 - new Chinese 'remote sensing' spacecraft
Sinus 2 in flight
Ariane: September bouquet
Second satellite for POES meteo system
Orlets in Zenith
Second Orlets-2 launched after six-year hiatus signaled that Putin's government gave higher priority to military space
First five for Dnepr
New 'Comet' in the sky
With Kosmos 2373 launched, for the first time in several years Russia has three observation spacecraft working simultaneously
Orbital Complex Mir
Flight of orbital complex Mir
No significant failures onboard Mir occured June through September, and the complex is ready to host new crew. But urgent decision is needed to either rise Mir orbit, or drop the station
Two moons of Kondratyuk-Shargey
Russian researcher Boris Romanenko published new book on the fate ofspaceflight pioneer Yuri Kondratyuk
Mir station will be probably deorbited in the beginning of 2001
During September, plans for further Mir operations were changing with kaleidoscopic speed. Reality overrides optimistic press releases of MirCorp: actual production rate of Progress supply vehicles preserves almost no chance of supporting both Hir and ISS in orbit. The final decision on Mir fate is left for the government
Satellite Communications
Satellite communications to grow with Internet
Digital technologies dominated at the 4th International Conference and Exhibition 'Satcom-2000' in Moscow. Using DVB/MPEG-2 coding, light GEO satellites can compete with large traditional ones. While Khrunichev pushes forward its Dialog satellite, HPOmash offers Ruslan-MM satellite and converted launch vehicle Strela
New Luch of NPO PM
In Zheleznogorsk, engineers and technicians are mating Orion-M payload with Luch-M satellite. By December 25, the satellite should be ready for transporting to Baykonur
Film concentrators
New propulsion system using solar concentrator and hydrogen fuel is proposed by SRS Technologies
Stardust camera caught some dirt
Launch Vehicles. Rochet Engines
Russian ICBMs to start launch satellites - not only civilian ones
Lt.Gen. Valeriy Subbotin, head of RVSN's Office of Space and Missile Weapons, believes some 20 billion roubles can be saved by launching satellites on RS-20 and UR-100N UTTKh missiles
Kistler Kl to fly in early 2002
RD-180 production in U.S. delayed
According to Boris Katorgin, license production of RD-180 won't begin until 2005. Meanwhile, first RD-191 test should occur in 2000
Troubled autumn for NASDA
TRW develops cheap rocket engine
X-37 control thruster selected
Launch Sites
Federal Space Center: yesterday, today and tomorrow
'We are here to ensure success of launches'
FCC Director Yevgeniy Kushnir explains the role of Federal Space Center Baykonur in operations of the first cosmodrome in our planet. The center coordinates work of several field offices of Russian companies that now operate test and launch facilities in Baykonur, and serves as liaison with military units and with the city administration. And Lt.Gen. Leonid Baranov, chief military commander at Baykonur, presents his view on Baykonur operations and future
Dnepr at Baykonur
Launch silos and test facilities for RS-20/Dnepr vehicles are located at the 'right flank' of the cosmodrome
First module of the 77th series
'Optical combine' of TKS
15 years ago, Kosmos 1686 was launched from Baykonur to dock with Salyut-7 orbital station. The history ofTKS-M spacecraft and its Pion optical complex is reviewed
Companies, flgencies. Organizations
Russia on the verge of default. A space one
At the parliament hearings held on September 14, Yuri Koptev and Yuri Semyonov tried to explain the lawmakers again that current state funding for space industry is at catastrophic low level. The government approved Federal Space Program for 2000-2005 with 8,376 million Roubles earmarked for 2000. Yet the same govern-ment produced draft budget for 2001 with only 4,071 million left. As a result, in late 2000 Russia may be forced to declare her inability to fulfil ISS commitments
Boeing bought Hughes' satellite facility
Kosmotras brings out Dnepr to market
Vladimir Mikhaylov, director of the Dnepr program of MKK Kosmotras, explains prospects of commercial launches of RS-20 based vehicles
Astrium and space tourism
Conferences. Exhibitions
Mission to planet Earth
This is not the name of NASA program, but of the exhibition of children space painting held in Kaluga
Space Ryazan
3rd International Science and Technology Conference on Cosmonautics, Radioelectronics and Geoinformatics was held in Ryazan and devoted to late head. Vladimir Utkin
Thomas Stafford is 70 Robert Gilrut died
72 pages, 115 photos

1. Start Atlantisa
3. Recovery capsule of the wedge-shaped form(6)
4. For providing launch of the launcher of Zenit the reserve of fluid oxygen of weight more than 900 tons
5. Launch of the launcher 11A511U to Souz-U from space vechicle Kosmos-2373