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MWH-7234 1/72 GAZ-AAA Army Truck model kit

Military-Wheels (AMOdel) MWH-7234 1/72 GAZ-AAA Army Truck model kit
Price 14.95
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MWH-7234 1/72 GAZ-AAA Army Truck model kit

In February of 1930 the first Ford-M trucks cars were built in Nizhniy Novgorod, from parts shipped in from the USA. In parallel a new automobile plant began to grow and in 1932 was known as GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant). In January of 1932 the first GAZ-AA truck (a copy of the Ford-AA) was produced in the new plant. The GAZ-AA became a famous and respected vehicle in the Soviet Union, given the nickname "Polutorka" for its 1.5 tonne cargo capacity ("poltora" means one and half). In 1934 mass production of a copy of the Ford-Timken — GAZ-AAA (3-axied modification of the GAZ-AA) was started. This truck was a little heavier than GAZ-AA, less speedy, but its load capacity increased from 1,51 to 21.

Technical and tactical specifications of GAZ-AAA:
Length 5,300 m
Height 1,950 m
Speed 70 kph
Width 2,000 m
Weight 1750 kg