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MAQ-7241 1/72 Vickers Viking British Aircraft model kit

Maquette MAQ-7241 1/72 Vickers Viking British Aircraft model kit
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MAQ-7241 1/72 Vickers Viking British Aircraft model kit

The new airliner was designed by British Vickers corporation on the base of a construction of the well-known Vickers Wellington WWII bomber. News fuselage and tail were designed for the airliner and the wing structure was redesigned.
The first prototype of the new aircraft, named Viking and becoming the first post-war English airliner, had it maiden flight on June 22, 1945. Serial production was started in April 1946. The British BEA (British European Airways) was the first "Company who used Vikings on the regular airlines. Later Vikings used as passenger and military transport in Argentina, India, Southern Africa, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries. Besides a some Vikings served in special division, serving the members of British Royal Family (King's Flight).

Max take-off weight - 15422 kg
Payload - 27 passengers or 3284 kg of a load
Cruising speed - 310 km/h
Practical ceiling - 6710 m
Range - 837 km
Engines - Two Bristol-Siddeley, rated 1690 hp