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MAQ-7226 1/72 Jaguar Gr.1 Single Seat All-Weather Attack Aircraft model kit

Maquette MAQ-7226 1/72 Jaguar Gr.1 Single Seat All-Weather Attack Aircraft model kit
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MAQ-7226 1/72 Jaguar Gr.1 Single Seat All-Weather Attack Aircraft model kit

Developed jointly by Britain and France from an initial concept of light trainer and close-support aircraft. Has sold overseas, to Ecuador, India and Oman. The RAF version has more avionics than the French, with integrated nav/attack and laser ranger. The GR.1 saw a lot of action in the Gulf War, painted desert pink and carrying overwing Sidewinder missiles. The Jaguar lacks one vital component, radar. It does however possess a computer system which allows waypoint co-ordinates to be entered before the start of the mission. Thereafter, a moving map display presents the aircraft's projected position to the pilot, and this can be manually corrected as the mission proceeds. The Jaguar has been sold to Nigeria, Ecuador, Oman and India.
The Jaguar is being kept alive by a series of upgrades, including Have Quick radios, the TIALD system, wide angle HUD, liquid crystal displays and helmet mounted sight, and improved navigation including GPS.

Technical Data:
Manufacturer: SEPECAT - British Aerospace & Dassault-Breguet consortium
Purpose: Single seat all-weather attack (GR.1) and two seat dual trainer aircraft (T.2)
Crew 1 Pilot
Max Speed (sea level): 824mph(1,350km/h)
Max speed (at altitude): 1,055mph(1,700km/h)
Service ceiling: 45,930ft(14,000m)
All-up weight: 34,612lb(15,700kg)
Range: 530miles(8,52km)
Weapons: Matra 550 Magic AAM, AIM-9B Sidewinder AAM, GP 1,000lb bomb, Harpoon anti-ship missile, BL.755 cluster bombs, AJ168 TV Martel air-surface missile, AS.30 - AS.30L air-surface missile, Paveway II Mk 13/18 1,000lb smart bomb, Matra 155 rocket launcher, SNEB 68mm rockets, Durandal anti-runway weapon, Matra RL F1 & F2 rocket launcher, Kormoran anti-ship missile, AM.39 Exocet anti-ship missile, BAe Dynamics Alarm anti-radar missile, CBLS (Container Bomb, Light Store), Aden 30mm gun, DEFA 30mm gun, JP.233 dispenser, Matra/SAMP retarded bomb, Matra BEU 2, Beluga cluster dispenser, SNEB 68mm & 100mm rockets, Thomson-Brandt LR 1004 & 100-6 rocket launcher