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MAQ-7208 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-3 Soviet WW2 fighter model kit

Maquette MAQ-7208 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-3 Soviet WW2 fighter model kit
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MAQ-7208 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-3 Soviet WW2 fighter model kit

The predecessor of the La-5 and La-7. It was designed by  S. A. Lavochkin, V. P. Gorbunov & M. I. Gudkov, (LaGG). The Lavochkin LAGG-3 was a refined version of the LaGG-1 which suffered from a number of faults. Some of these were cured by the introduction of a more powerful Klimov M-105P, 1050hp engine. There was also changes to the structure with a lighter airframe and improved wing slats and elevators. The LaGG-3 entered service in the early months of 1941 and was rapidly produced until mid-1942. Although it was an improved design, the LaGG-3 was still lacking the desired fighters qualities and was dubbed the 'Guaranteed Varnished Coffin' by its pilots. Despite being generally rated as underpowered and not highly maneuverable, the LAGG-3 proved to be a durable fighter. The first flights of the LAGG-3s faced German Bf-109Es in June of 1941, demonstrating that they were quite capable opponents, if somewhat over-weighted for their power.
It incorporated self-sealing fuel tanks and exhaust gas ducted into the fuel tanks as inert gas.
During the early stages of German invasion the LaGG-3 was used extensively, and proved itself adequate, if not superb, fighter. Its resistance to combat damage was a large factor of its relative success.
The LaGG-3 was used predominantly as a fighter.

Technical data
Powerplant - 1050hp Klimov M-105P Liquid cooled in-line engine
Max Speed - 575km/h (at 5000m)
Time To Climb - 6.8 minutes to 5000m
Service Ceiling - 9,500m
Max Range - 650km (404 miles)
Wing Span - 9.8m (32ft 1in)
Length - 8.86m (29ft 1in)
Empty Weight - 5,776lbs
Max Weight - 7,275lbs
Armament - 2x 12.7-mm UBS machine-guns mounted in engine cowling & 1x ShVAK 20-mm cannon firing through propeller hub 6x 8.2-cm (3.23 inch) rockets or 440 lbs of bombs