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MAQ-4004 1/400 K-123 Soviet Alpha Class Nuclear Submarine model kit

Maquette MAQ-4004 1/400 K-123 Soviet Alpha Class Nuclear Submarine model kit
Price 11.90
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MAQ-4004 1/400 K-123 Soviet Alpha Class Nuclear Submarine model kit

The nuclear submarines 705 and 705K project (NATO code Alpha) was developed for antisubmarine role in Leningrad's Malahit design bureau (KB 143) under supervision of Chief Designer M.G.Rusanov in the 1960s. The Alfa had special rescue surfacing module for everybody of crew the first time of the world. Designers applied some progressive solution in this submarine: the hull was make by titanium, high automation of all systems was used, the first cooling system of nuclear plant used metal with low temperature of melting as cooling mixture.
The first submarine "705 project" under registered number K-64 was launched in 1969, and the first 705K project under registered number K-123 was admitted to the Soviet Navy and used in the North Fleet (registered number was changed to B-123 in June 3 1992). Total 7 submarines 705 and 705K project were built.

Performances of "705K project" submarines
Surface displacement - 2300 t
Submarine displacement - 3100 t
Length - 81.4 m
Hull width - 10 m
Stabilizer width - 13.5 m
Draught - 7.6 m
Nuclear plant power - 40000 h.p.
Surface speed - 14 knots
Submarine speed - 41 knots
Dive depth - 420 m
Range - unlimited
Autonomy navigation - 50 days
Crew - 32 ps.
Armament - 6533-mm torpedo-tube, 20 torpedoes or 36 barrage mines