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MAQ-3565 1/35 T-37A Soviet Light Amphibious Tank model kit

Maquette MAQ-3565 1/35 T-37A Soviet Light Amphibious Tank model kit
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MAQ-3565 1/35 T-37A Soviet Light Amphibious Tank model kit

Small amphibious tank T-37 was worked out and used in Red Army from 1933. This Tank was developed from the licence model T-33 (Carden-Lloyd). At first, armour body of tank was riveted, but later was widely used electrical welding. Most series of T-37 had floats on its boards, filled with the cork on aquatic plants. An engine was bounowed from automobile GAZ-AA. This tank had front driving wheels with cogs. Motion on the water was ensured with the twin-blade screw. Reverce was carried out by turning of blades. Driving on the water was carried out with the help of water rudder. On command vehicles were mounted radiostations with handrail antennae. Total production from 1933 till 1936 was about 2700 vehicles. Tanks of the last series had armour-body with increased volume without floats.

Combat weight - 3200 kg
Armour - 4-9 mm
Armament - 7,62-mm DT machine gun
Engine - GAZ-AA rated 40 p.h.
Max speed - 35 km/h
Max amphibious speed - 6 km/h
Crew - 2 ps.