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MAQ-3564a 1/35 T-40/T-30 Soviet WW2 Light Tank model kit

Maquette MAQ-3564a 1/35 T-40/T-30 Soviet WW2 Light Tank model kit
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MAQ-3564a 1/35 T-40/T-30 Soviet WW2 Light Tank model kit

The light floating tank T-40 was developed in the factory N°37 design bureau in 1938-39 under a management of chief constructor N.A.Astrov for the reconnaissance and patrol service. The new tank had bullet-proof armour, rnachine-guns arms and was equipped by GAZ-202 engine - it was the forced tank variant of 6-pistons automobile petrol GAZ-11 engine.
Serial production of T-40 was stared in October 1940. In connection with the beginning of Great Patriotic war in June 22, 1941 and because of heavy losses of tanks, the construction of T-40 was simplified for increase of rates of issue - since July 1941 (to this moment 220 high-grade floating T-40 were produced) a factory Ns37 began manufacture T-40C ("overland") without floating equipment, and since August 1941 have abolished stern niche of the removed screw propeller, at the same time armour increased to 15-20 mrn enough of demounted floating equipment weight. Since September 1941, some T-30 were armed by tank variant of well known 20-rnrn aircraft ShVAK gun instead of 12,7-mm DShK machine gun.
The tanks T-30 and T-40 were actively used during the Moscow battle in the winter 1941-41, and to middle 1942 these tanks already have practically disappeared from combat units. Some T-40 were used till 1946 in training role. 709 tanks of T-40 family were produced in different variants.

Combat weight - 5500 kg
Armour (T-40/T-30) - 6-13/6-15 mm
T-40 armament - 12,7-mm DShK machine gun, 7,62-rnm DT machine gun
T-40 armament - 20-mm ShVAK (tank version) gun with 750 shells 7,62-rnm DTS machine gun with 1512 cartridges in 24 ammunition drums
Engine - GAZ-202 rated 85 h.p.
Max speed - 50 krn/h
Max speed floated (T-40 only) - 6 krn/h
Radius of action - 300 krn
Crew - 2 ps.