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MAQ-3564 1/35 BA-20 Soviet WW2 Armoured Car model kit

Maquette MAQ-3564 1/35 BA-20 Soviet WW2 Armoured Car model kit
Price 20.90
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MAQ-3564 1/35 BA-20 Soviet WW2 Armoured Car model kit

Armies of many countries used civilian light vehicles for reconnaissance and liaison purposes in the 30-th. But they were unpracticable for combat demanded armored body and automatic firearms. BA-20 was developed in 1936 in the USSR on the chassis of civilian GAZ-M1 car. The tyres of BA-20 were filled with spongy rubber, making them resistant for bullet and shell splinters damage. A version of the vehicle was designed to travel a standard rail track. This was obtained simply by mounting metal rims on tyre wheels.
The BA-20 was in production for five years. It was first engaged in combat during the conflict with Japan in 1939 on the Khalkihin-Gol river in Mongolia. In the course of the USSR aggression against Finland in 1940 a certain amount of BA-20 was captured by the Finnish army and were used until 1946. The BA-20 armored cars were actively used by Red Army on the first stage of repelling the German Blitzkrieg on Russian territory.

Weight - 2300 kg
Armor - 8 mm
Armament - 7,62-mm DT machine gun
Crew - 2 ps
Engine - GAZ-M rated 50 h.p.
Max speed - 90 km/h