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KPC-002 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit

KP/Mastercraft KPC-002 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit
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KPC-002 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit

KP/Mastercraft 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit. Pic.1
KP/Mastercraft 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit. Pic.1

KP/Mastercraft 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit. Pic.2
KP/Mastercraft 1/72 Mil Mi-8 Soviet Army helicopter model kit. Pic.2

The well-known helicopter series Mil Mi-1, Mil Mi-2 and Mi-4 (by M. L. Mil) were filled out by the multi-purpose machine Mil Mi-8. For the prototype with one Al-24 V engine the modified 4-blade-rotor, taken from the type Mil Mi-4, was used. After the fly-tests, the version with two engines and 5—blade—rotor was chosen for the series production as necessary for the universal use of the helicopter. This version - named Mil Mi-8 - carried out the first fly in 1962. For the first time the machine was shown at the Paris Aerosalon in 1965 and the American firm Petroleum Helicopter bought it for use as post transporter.
There are more versions of the Mil Mi-8, which serve in the whole world from the Artic Regions over Europe and Africe to the Antarctic: Mi-8P (Passazhirkiy) - transporter for 28 passengers, Mi-8S (Salon-niy) - saloon version for 11 passengers Mil Mi-8L (Leckaskiy) - ambulance version for 12 laying patien and 1 physician (in use especially in Poland), Mil Mi-8N (Nackladnoy) - 4 000 kg freighter and Mil Mi-8T (Transportniy) - transport version.
For the rescue aims the helicopter can be equiped with a little crane to lift up to 150 kg.
In the CSSR, the Mil Mi-8s serve in the National Army and as a flying crane at the company SlovAir.
Caused by the experiences, an improved type came to the existence - the type Mil Mi- 8/17 with more efficient engines TV-3-117 (1670 kW=2225 HP). The application of these engines caused the inverse installation of the tail rotor.
The helicopter Mil Mi-8 can be characterised as reliable hack, undaunted by any set task.
Technical description
Mil Mi-8 is a helicopter with 2 turbine engines, one 5 - blade - rotor and one 3-blade-tail-rotor of metal construction, for universal use.
The fuselage is constructed of 3 parts - two-men pilot's cockpit, transport cabin and a tail rotor bearer. The cabin for freight transport is equiped with a gate and loading platform. The fuselage is of metal latticework structure. On the fuselage bulkheas there are anchorages for the fixed tricycle undercarriage and the hanger for outside load up to 3000 kg.
The support on the rear bottom aims to avoid damage of the tail rotor.
The Mil Mi-8 has a fixed tricycle front-type undercarriage with single main wheels and a doubled controllable nose wheel.
The helicopters Mil Mi-8 and Mil Mi-8/17 are driven by two turbine engines TV-117 and TB-3-117 A (1670 kW) respectively by constructor S. P. Izotoff. The drive transfer to the tail rotor is mounted inside the rear part of the fuselage.
Equipment and armaments
The Mi-8 is equiped with a four-channel autopilot AP-34B, other equipments enable the helicopter to operate even in the night and under adverse weather conditions. The special crane version used a closed-loop television. The military versions are equiped according to their aims.
Technical data
Length without rotor and tail rotor - 18,31 m
Lenght including both rotating rotors - 25,28 m
Number of the rotor blades - 5
Number of the tail rotor blades - 3
Height - 5,60 m
With without rotor - 4,50 m
Surface of the rotating rotor - 356,0 m2
Take-off weight (all versions) - 11100,0 kg
Loading capacity - in the transport cabin - 4 000,0 kg
- outside load - 3 000,0 kg
Maximum speed - inear ground - 250,0 km/h
- in the heiht of 500 m - 220,0 km/h

The colouring differs in dependence of country and aim. The transport versions are usually white with colour characters of the owning air company, the most ambulance versions are white with a red cross. The comouflage of the military ones is according to the army's practice. In the Czechoslovak Army there is a three—tone camouflage of green and brown areas on the fuselage, the bottom of grey or light blue. We can term every one as an original. A three-tone or four-tone grey camouflage is used too.
The pilot's cockpit and the transport cabin inside the usually in light grey, the instrument panel dark grey and the pilot's seats in brown leather colour.