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AMO-7272 1/72 Kamov Ka-126 Hoodlum Soviet Light Helicopter model kit

AMOdel AMO-7272 1/72 Kamov Ka-126 Hoodlum Soviet Light Helicopter model kit
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AMO-7272 1/72 Kamov Ka-126 Hoodlum Soviet Light Helicopter model kit

Ka-126 multi-purpose helicopter belongs to a new generation of a helicopter platform family and offers wide range of application, quick conversion by installation of suspendable equipment, minimal overall dimensions, ease of control and unique maneuverability.
The Ka-126 helicopter is a successor of the Ka-26 multipurpose helicopter produced from 1968 up to 1977 in fifteen variants. The specially developed gas turbine engine, wide application of composite materials in helicopter components, helicopter general arrangement concepts capitalizing on the operational experience of its predecessors permitted to take a proven design to a comprehensive, higher advanced level.
The endurance and range performance of the Ka-126 is rather advantageous in comparison to other helicopters of its class and promise an efficient application for the purpose of cargo transportation, patrol and passenger transportation. The Ka-126 helicopter is capable of both internal and external sling cargo transportation. The advantages of coaxial design make the Ka-126 helicopter indispensable for operation over restricted areas and at low altitudes including the aerial chemical dispersal work in agriculture. The helicopter version intended for this purpose is equipped with a cockpit air purification system in addition to the heating/ventilation system. The Ka-126 helicopters may be used for emergency medical service, geological survey, economic zones patrol and ecological survey.

Technical Data:
Role: Multipurpose helicopter
Engines: 1 TVO-100 turbo-shaft, 720 hp
Main rotor diameter, m: 13.0
Lenght, m: 7.75
Maximum take-off mass, kg: 3,250
Max speed, kmph: 190
Cruise speed, kmph: 170
Range, km: 660
Ceiling, m: 4,650
Passengers: 6
Payload Capacity, kg: 1000