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AMO-7271 1/72 SPL Soviet Hydroplane model kit

AMOdel AMO-7271 1/72 SPL Soviet Hydroplane model kit
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AMO-7271 1/72 SPL Soviet Hydroplane model kit

Light and compact hydroplane SPL was designed and built by the group of designers under the direction of I. V. Chetverikov in 1934. The new seaplane had aerodynamic and structural layout of aircraft OSGA 101. The aircraft was supposed to be placed on a submarine in a waterproof hangar 2.5 metres in diameter and 7.5 metres long. Dismantling and stowage was carried out manually for 3-4 minutes, and assembling and preparation for taking-off for 5 minutes. In 1936 SPL was demonstrated at the international exhibition in Milan. Later several international records were held on this aircraft.

Technical and tactical specifications of SPL :
Length 7,500 m
Max. start weight 2200 kg
Range 480 km
Span 9,700 m
Maximum speed 186 kph
Engine M-11