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AMO-7261 1/72 SPAD S.A.4 fighter model kit

AMOdel AMO-7261 1/72 SPAD S.A.4 fighter model kit
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AMO-7261 1/72 SPAD S.A.4 fighter model kit

AMOdel 1/72 SPAD S.A.4 fighter model kit. Pic.1
AMOdel 1/72 SPAD S.A.4 fighter model kit. Pic.1

During WWI the firm SPAD has designed a double fighter of original layout. It was a usual biplane with a tractor propeller, but the gunner cabin was placed ahead of a propeller disc plane. The gunner cabin was applied to wings and landing gear by a system of racks. Such layout provided the large sector of bombardment from a machine gun. The prototype named SPAD A has made the first flight in spring of 1915. About one hundred SPAD S.A.2 distinguished by an improved design were produced. The following modification was SPAD S.A.4 with the engine Le Rhone 9J by power 110 h.p. More than half of them have been sold in Russia. After the invention of the synchronizer, which allowed to shoot through a propeller, militaires have refused to use SPAD S A2 and SPAD S.A.4. In Russia these airplanes were used to the end of WWI and during the civil war.

Technical and tactical specifications of SPAD S.A.4
Length - 7,300 m
Maximum start weight - 960 kg
Ceiling - 3500 m
Span - 9,500 m
Maximum speed - 135 kph
Engine - Le Rhone 9J, 9 - cilynder, developing 110 h.p.