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AER-022 1/72 Sukhoi Su-28 Soviet Jet Trainer model kit

Aer-Moldova/Unda AER-022 1/72 Sukhoi Su-28 Soviet Jet Trainer model kit
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- 1/72 Sukhoi Su-25UB Frogfoot Soviet Attack Aircraft model kit

AER-022 1/72 Sukhoi Su-28 Soviet Jet Trainer model kit

In 1971, Sukhoi Design Bureau started developing an armored fighter jet aircraft for optimized ground attack. The first test flight of the plane (named later as SU-25) took place in February 1975. In March 1979 the first serial plane, piloted by V.IIyushin and produced at Tbilisi aircraft plant, went up into the sky. In NATO countries it became known as "Frogfoot" but in the Soviet air force it was nicknamed "Grach" ("Rook"). Later on, two seater variants were created on the basis of the base of serial production plane: SU-25UB fighter, SU-25UT training aircraft, SU-25K aircraft carrier based fighter, SU-25MD target tow, and SU-28, the lighter, not armored, sports modification, which is capable of executing all complicated flight maneuvers.
In 1980 the first two planes were sent to Afghanistan. Only 23 SU-25 aircraft were lost for all nine years of combat, and none of the later versions aircraft with improved protection were lost. The average ratio of flight hours per aircraft lost in Afghanistan was over 2800 hours per lost Su-25.
It October 1986, the Soviet Air Force numbered 210 SU-25 aircrafts. Analogous planes can be found in the Czech and Iraqi armies.
Being a Soviet analogy for the American heavy fighter A-10A, SU-25 and its modifications offer superior performance based on higher speed and better maneuverability. The later are being provided by more powerful engines (0,6) than the American aircraft, better aerodynamics and high level of wing mechanization, (including ailerons and split air brakes).
The high speed of the attack aircraft is supplied by two reliable and compact engines P-195, which are a non-forcing variant of P-13 engine used at MIG-21 and SU-15 fighters. At the later modifications of the plane the engines are separated by an armored firewall, which increases ability to take hits.
The equipment of the attack aircraft and two-seater variants laser includes range-finders, passive means of the defense, ejection seat K-36, which guarantees survival of the pilots during all flight regimes, including take-off and landing, and also at a zero speed and height.
An autonomous maintenance system was developed specifically for this aircraft. It is fitted in four separate containers, which can be transported on the underwing pylons and would provide sufficient maintenance support on un-prepared airfields.
The attack aircraft is armed with a double barrel 30mm cannon with 250 shells of ammunition. At 10 under wing pylons it can carry up to 10 tons of battle load, including bombs from 100 kg to 500 kg, containers of small size cargos, blocks 57 mm. to 370 mm. rockets, 23 mm. gun containers with 260 shells of ammunition, "air-to-surface" missiles, four "smart bombs" of either 350 to 450 kg., or two 690 kg smart bombs capable of hitting targets at a distance of 20 km, with a deviation of no more than 5 m. and a probability of hitting at 70% when the "illumination" of the target is done from the board of the plane and 99% (probability of hitting) while the illumination is done from the surface. For an effective defense from the enemy fighters the attack aircraft is armed with short-range "air-air" missiles with infrared targeting system.
For long range flights additional fuel tanks (each of 115 oi.) may be installed on four under wing pylons.

Flying-technical data of SU-25 UB / SU-28
Length, m - 15,53
Wing-span, m - 14,36
Height, m - 4,8
Weight of empty plane, kg - 14600
Maximum take-off, kg - 17600
Maximum speed, km/h - 975
Practical ceiling, m - 7000
Maximum distance of flying with full battle load, kg - 1270
Over-load dianon + 8- - 2