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ACE-72149 1/72 IT-1 `Drakon` Soviet Rocket Tank Destoryer model kit

Ace ACE-72149 1/72 IT-1 `Drakon` Soviet Rocket Tank Destoryer model kit
Price 18.95
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ACE-72149 1/72 IT-1 `Drakon` Soviet Rocket Tank Destoryer model kit

Development and testing of the Obiekt 150 (missile armed tank) was completed in 1968, with the vehicle being accepted into service with the Soviet Army as the IT-1 (istrebitel Tankov-1 or Tank Destroyer-1) on 3rd September 1968. The IT-1 entered limited series production at Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil and was produced in small numbers from 1968 to 1970; the only tank based ATGM system to successfully reach the stage of limited series production. Though the IT-1 did enter service with the Soviet Army, the development of the IT-1 tank destroyer, the 2K4 missile system, the 3M7 "Drakon" missile and the associated semiautomatic command and guidance systems had proved a severe stretch for available Soviet technology in the early 1960's. The development process had been subject to many delays such that the missile system entered service 7-8 years behind schedule. As a result, the 3M7 "Drakon" on its Obiekt-150 chassis was, though still an effective system, technically obsolete when introduced into service in 1968, overtaken by new tank armament, ammunition types and the rapid development of second-generation wheeled ATGM systems. The Soviet military already had the 3M6 "Schmel" ATGM missile system on the GAZ-69 and BRDM chassis, the 3M6 having entered development concurrently with the 3M7 but entered service almost immediately. Furthermore, the second generation 3M11 "Fleyta" (Flute) missile on its BRDM based 2P32 launch vehicle, and the less expensive 9M14 "Malyutka" (little one), on its BRDM based 9P110 la vehicle had also been introduced into service with the S Army before the IT-1 was accepted for service in 1968. B end of the 1960's there was effectively no longer a tech or political need for an armoured long-range tank destr interest in such weapons systems consequently decli Though obsolescent when introduced, the developme the IT-1 had nevertheless given the Soviet / considerable experience in the development of A guidance systems, which was to benefit the Soviet Air the years ahead. The T-64B MBT, introduced into S Army service from 1973, fired the 125mm gun b launched 9M112 "Kobra" antitank missile, which was a c descendant of the 1960's"Drakon" design program. One special battalion of IT-l's served in the Belorus Military District, another in the Carpathian Military Dis The IT-1 was maintained in Category 1 readiness mothballed throughout most of its service life, coming or occasional exercises. IT-1 crews were given specia training with regard to operation and maintenance of the but were trained on the standard T-62 so as to save wear tear on the relatively few IT-l's in service. The IT-1 tank destroyer was withdrawn from Soviet t service in the late 1970's. Two IT-1 's are known to survi the present day.